Sahitel PB308

Sahitel PB308
Kapasitas PABX Sahitel PB-308 max.3 line & 8 ext.
Garansi 1 tahun  ITCOMM labor & parts di pusat service ITCOMM.
Berat barang + dus: +/- 2 kg
Stok: Ada
Harga Sahitel PB-308 Rp. 995,-  
Box mica agar PABX terpasang posisi vertikal beli di sini
 Spesifikasi PABX:
• 3 CO Lines, 8 Extensions
• Built in DISA (Direct Inward System 10Access)
• CID (FSK/DTMF, ext number is available)
• Call Timer Function(1-99minutes) per EXT per Timer
• Holding Music Function
• Transfer External Call to Another Extension
• Party Conference (between 2 Ext+1 CO Line)
• Call Pick Up Function
• Outgoing Class Function
• Intercom Between Ext
• Change & Restore All Ext Numbers to Default
• Flash Function
• Manual System Program with Telephone (SLT)
• Priority Access
• Call Forwarding